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Welcome to the Kenya Institute of Primate Research formerly Institute of Primate Research. This is a 63-year-old premier biomedical Scientific Research Institution that was started by Dr. LSB Leakey. His objective was to study monkey behaviour so that it can give an insight into behaviour of early man. Functions of IPR have since expanded to include biomedical research, laboratory animal science and Conservation biology.


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Translating Life Science


February 2024
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Translating Life Science



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Animal Science Department

Our primary mission is to provide the best possible research support services in support of institutional animal care and use IACUC and keeping with all applicable laws …

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Reproductive Health and Biology

This conducts both basic and applied research aspects of reproductive health including reproductive biology, anatomy and physiology, immunology… 

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Non-Communicable diseases

The department of non-communicable diseases (NCD) mandate is to conduct regular meta-analyses in order to keep abreast of global and national research…

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Conservation Biology Department

Their mission is to conduct research on the ecology and conservation of non-human primates, other endangered mammal species and their habitat and contribute to addressing…

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Tropical and Infectious Diseases

As a department, we research on a number of pathogenic micro-organisms such as parasites including malaria parasites (Plasmodium spp.) knowlesi a fifth human malaria parasite…

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One Health Center

The Institute of Primate Research was designated by the President of Kenya as a testing and research center. An approach which involves the multi-sectoral collaboration of the human health…

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Kenya Snakebite Research and Intervention Centre

We provide expert advice on clinical and biological aspects of snakebites.Our research activities aim to better diagnosis and therapies for snakebites…

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At IPR, we are excited to offer ongoing undergraduate students the opportunity to gain hands-on work in their desired field. To access the application, please click the apply button, noting that only selected candidates will be contacted.

Top range

Translating LIfe Science

Conference Halls

  • Hiring a Conference Hall:
    – Below 30 pax Kshs.10,000 per day
    – Above 30 pax Kshs.20,000 per day
  • Conference Hall :
    Kshs.1,000 per person per day. Provision of a notebook, a pen & 2 bottles of drinking water:
    Kshs.3,500 per person per day. Provision of a notebook, a pen & 2 bottles of drinking water. Inclusive of 10:00am tea, 4:00pm tea and buffet lunch.
  • Kshs.3,500 per day – Hire of public address system.
  • Kshs.3,000 per day – Use of LCD projector and flip charts.
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