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UniPron, Smugel and Smuscan innovations were awarded Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Award in Africa (2015), Africa Union Innovation Award, Brazzaville (2013) the best prize in Science and Innovation category in the Kenya Public Service Innovation and Award Scheme (2012), best prize in National Council for Science and Technology Award, Kenya (2012). The medical products are patented (KIPI-218)

Development of UniPron as a Microbicidal Contraceptive to Prevent transmission of HIV/AIDS and Pregnancy
Improving Sexual/Reproductive Health, Maternal and Child health: Safe Delivery and Improved Maternity Care; A case for SMUGEL and SMUSCAN.

SMUGEL (50g)

SMUGEL is a water-based and water-soluble lubricant that was introduced into the market in 2010 for a variety of usage after approval from the relevant regulatory authorities.

SMUSCAN (250g)

SMUSCAN is a gel that was formulated and developed for Scanning during Ultrasound services in hospitals, clinics and health institutions. It is in use in hospitals and health institutions.

UNIPRON GEL (patent No. Ke 218).

This is a potential microbicidal contraceptive that is under development to prevent HIV infection and pregnancy aimed at empowering women.

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