Polite Notice!!

In Line with Government of Kenya directives all payments to Oloolua Nature Trail will be through ecitizen platforms. You will be guided through the easy to follow steps at the ticketing office.
Oloolua Nature Trail is committed to forest and environment conservation. In light of this single use plastics will not be allowed to the Trail effective immediately.
Wishing you a memorable tour.


Oloolua Nature Trail


Oloolua Nature Trail in Kenya is located in Karen Neighbourhood in Nairobi in the indigenous tropical dry Oloolua forest in Kenya. Oloolua Forest in Kenya has the Institute of Primate Research (IPR) in Nairobi which is located about 20km from the Nairobi city centre in the Karen suburb. 

Citizens – Adults Kshs.200, Children Kshs.100
Non-resident – Adults Kshs.600, Children Kshs.300
Residents – Adults Kshs.400, Children Kshs.200

Daily 9:00am – 6:00pm

Contact us On: +254792459970
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheOlooluaNatureTrail


A Natural Cave

This awesome cave is 37 meters long deep into the forest surface. It was once used by the Mau Mau fighters during the colonial days. Today it is a home for bats and other small mammals that inhabit the area.

A Beautiful Waterfall

This is a breathtaking sight with the fall draining into the Mbagathi river. You will want to spend sometime on this site captivated as you stare and listen to the cascading waters. The trickling water and cheeping birds in Oloolua Nature Trail in Nairobi are the only sounds you hear as you take in the surrounding which automatically sets you into a serene peaceful mood.

Bamboo Resting Point

This magnificent monocot grass species has created an atmosphere that invites you to take a rest and to reflect and embrace nature in a silent world.

Papyrus Swamp

The papyrus plant is beautiful and evokes reflections on religion and ancient worlds. The Egyptians first made paper from this plant. It is mainly only found in swampy wetlands and requires special conservation efforts.

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