Kenya Snakebite Research and Interventions Profile

Established 2017 as a Centre of excellence in snakebite research and interventions.

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Non-Communicable Disease Profile

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which metabolic, neurological and cardiovascular health conditions include cancer, heart disease...

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Animal Science Profile

The Department of Animal Resources is as old as the institute and is a core department of IPR. It was started at the inception of ...

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Conservation Biology Profile

The mission of the Conservation Biology Department’s (CBD) is to undertake research on the ecology and conservation of non-human p...

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Reproductive Health and Biology Profile

The department conducts both basic and applied research aspects of reproductive health including reproductive biology, anatomy and...

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Tropical & Infectious Diseases - Overview & Profile

As a department, we research a number of pathogenic micro-organisms such as parasites. These include the malaria parasites (Plasmo...

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