From Directors Corner

From Directors Corner

IPR Participation inthe National Research and Development Agenda: As a public institution, NMK-IPR is expected to play its rightful role of knowledge creation through research, and translation of research results into products and policies. As the second largest biomedical facility in the country (after KEMRI), and the only preclinical testing facility that has access to small and large animal models of human diseases in the country and region, we are uniquely suited to influence current and future medical practice, or the management and conservation of non-human primates, by generating research data that contributes to evidence-based policies and practice. So how is IPR contributing to the national research agenda in the country? We are represented and participate in many forums within and...

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Page1 ANDI Status

IPR named an ANDI centre of Excellence

The Institute of Primate Research has been recognized by the African Network of Drugs and Diagnostics Innovation (ANDI) as a Centre of Excellence in Preclinical Research for its work in health innovation. This new status was conferred on IPR at the 4th ANDI Stakeholders and Donors Conference held in Addis Ababa Ethiopia on October 24 - 27th 2011.


ANDI goals are to increase research and development collaboration among African i n s t it u t io n s and countries,including through the support of Centers of Excellence in health innovation.IPR’s recognition is based on its impressive achievements in preclinical research and development of new candidate drugs, vaccines and diagnostics for infectious and non-infectious diseases. ANDI also recognizes the strong human resource capacity of IPR and the unique role it can play in providing unique research resources, to otherAfrican research organizations.