EU Primate Network


 IPR JOINS EUPRIM-Net as an Associate Partner

The IPR has recently joined the European Union Primate Network (EUPRIM-Net; which is a network consisting of eight European research centers, whose main agenda is to face up to the special challenges of research with these animals. Under the leadership of the German Primate Center (DPZ) in Göttingen, Germany, EUPRIM-Net wants to advance the standards and methods of husbandry and breeding of primates, support the education in this area and to reduce the number of animal experiments by an increased exchange of samples. The EU will sponsor the continuation of this project, which was initiated in 2006, for the next four years

During this period EUPRIM-Net will work closely with IPR to put in place a strong animal welfare program at IPR, thus enhancing the aim of the Institute to meet current guidelines and to achieve international accreditation in the future, in line with its medium term Strategic Plan. A number of activities have jointly been identified for execution in the period 2011-2013 These are considerred Having reviewed most fruitful and feasible within the scope of EUPRIM-Net. They include:

  • EUPRIM-Net workshops on Positive Reinforcement Training and breeding and maintenance of animals in captivity to improve animal welfare to be held at IPR in mid 2012.
  • On-the-job training, on-site training of IPR veterinarians and animal health technicians through EUPRIM-Net experts who will visit the Institute in 2012-2013.
  • Staff exchange of animal technicians for positive reinforcement training (PRT) and support of lecturers/trainers for the planned FELASA courses to be hosted by IPR
  • In addition there will be activities at EUPRIM-Net partner institutes. These will include participation of IPR staff (veterinarians and Animal care technicians) in workshop series     covering veterinary practices, breeding programs, primate biology, diagnostics, tissue banking etc to enhance animal welfare programs. There will be participation of IPR staff in     EUPRIM-Net courses ( plus short-term visits at EUPRIM-Net partner institutes to gain international exposure     (e.g. It is also planned that a special program be introduced at EUPRIM-Net partner institutes for     training of primate veterinarians in care and general animal husbandry.

The IPR Director, Dr Thomas Kariuki has welcomed this initiative as a major breakthrough for IPR which will raise the quality of research work and animal welfare programs at IPR, and eventually lead to full international accreditation for the Institute. IPR also hopes to use the experience gained from the network activities to offer training to other Kenyan and regional academic and research institutions that use animals in research. IPR will also sensitize key stakeholders in Kenya on the need to develop national regulatory guidelines/policy for Laboratory animal sciences, which are currently lacking.   


July 19, 2012