Health, Safety and Environment Committee


Terms of reference for HSE committee, Institute of Primate Research (IPR)
In compliance with Occupational Safety and Health act, 2007 (OSHA 2007) The Institute of Primate Research adopted the regulations as the basis for reference guidelines for the institutional Health, Safety and Environment Committee (HSEC). This was in addition to the existing National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) regulations on healthy working environment

The mandate and the terms of reference were as follows

  • To develop, implement and monitor compliance with guidelines stipulated above in the workplace to safeguard health and safety of employees, visiting scientists, students and the general public.
  • To develop, implement and monitor HSEC guidelines pertaining to the use of animals in research giving special attention to the adherence of SOPs for working with non-human primates
  • To ensure compliance with the acceptable international standards on proper disposal of expired chemicals and other biological reagents; the handling and disposal of animal tissues; biomedical waste, laboratory effluent and safe practices in the application of laboratory equipment
  • To maintain the special status of Oloolua forest as indigenous forest and related environmental issues within the Institute by developing, implementing and monitoring guidelines in compliance with NEMA and other international regulations
  • To review the results of the periodic HSEC safety inspections, accidents and near-miss investigations, and any other alleged hazardous conditions brought to the attention of any member of the Committee, and to recommend corrective measures
  • To circulate to staff guideline manual and provide forum for voicing suggestions and concerns dealing with employee Health and safety-related emergency and mitigation response in workplace.

September 2, 2012