Science and Ethics  Committees                                        

These committee ensure that ethics and scientific issues are addressed.Observance of the 3R principals (reduction,replacement and refinement).Power analysis statistics to ensure optimum number of animals.Enrichment and adherence to animal welfare guidelines. All collaborative projects must get dual approvals ISERC and ACUC.Regulations for animal welfare and experimentation as outlined in our mandate and overseen by the relevant government department.

ISERC and ACUC are guided by European union Primate Vaccine Evaluation  Network (PVEN), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institutes of  Health (NIH) of USA.


The mandate of HSE is to develop, implement and monitor compliance with guidelines on the health and safety of IPR staff at the workplace, use of animals in research especially giving special attention to the adherence of SOPs for working with primates, disposal of chemicals and biological reagents, environmental maintenance of the special status of Oloolua forests as an indigenous forest, including compliance with NEMA regulations and circulating widely guidelines manuals on Emergency and Disaster response.




July 19, 2012