Animal Care and use Committee



IPR animal welfare program has been regularly reviewed based on the following criteria: IPR has been a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre since early 2000 and one of the ToR with WHO is on animal welfare issues. The institutional reports containing details of the animal welfare program are filed annually to WHO. The Institutional Science and Ethics Review Committee/Animal Care and Use Committee (IRC/ACUC) is constituted based on WHO recommendations for ethical committees that review biomedical research and the committee is nationally registered with the Kenya National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI). IPR has statutory registration with the USA-PHS-NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) and has recently been renewed in May 2013 for a further 5 years. The Institute is ISO 9001:2008 certified; is an Associate partner of the European Union Primate Network; has undertaken various animal welfare program reviews through expertise provide by its International Advisory Board; and has been accredited by AAALAC.

The committee is mandated to ensure that ethics and scientific issues are addressed. Observance of the 3R principals (Replacement, Refinement and Reduction principles of Russels and Birch (1959). Power analysis statistics to ensure optimum number of animals. Enrichment and adherence to animal welfare guidelines. All collaborative projects must get dual approvals ISERC and ACUC. Regulations for animal welfare and experimentation as outlined in our mandate and overseen by the relevant government department. ISERC and ACUC are guided by European Union Primate Vaccine Evaluation Network (PVEN), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the “Guide 2011” from National Institutes of Health (NIH) of USA. Ag Guide and Appendix A of ETS No. 123 from Council of Europe.

The review focuses on scientific merit, ethical consideration and animal welfare. Each proposal is sent to two independent reviewers. Proposals requiring animal experimentation are forwarded to the Animal welfare subcommittee for comments regarding comprehensive harm-benefit analysis of animal experimentation. The IACUC/OB Secretary distributes the submitted proposal to the reviewers for review, comments and approval. In the absence of the Secretary or in applications involving the Secretary, the Chairman appoints proposal reviewers. In studies involving the Chairman and Secretary of IACUC/OB, the Chairman appoints a member of IACUC/OB (at the beginning of the calendar year) for the purposes of receiving the proposal review form and appointment of reviewers. This member also acts as the Chairman during the discussion of the proposal.


February 15, 2018